Madagascar Expedition Agency (MEA) started when Naina Raharijaona, teamed up with Francois Odendaal, a zoologist deeply concerned about the future of Madagascars natural wealth, who at the time was working closely with communities and coastal resources on the Masoala Peninsula in the Northeast of the country. They created a company that is closely linked to local Guide Associations around key protected areas. MEA aims to funnel discerning tourists directly to some of the most special areas in Madagascar so that the tourists financial contributions can be maximised to alleviate poverty and bring benefits to local people without involving brokers and other third parties, who are often dishonest, that position themselves between the tourists and the local people, preventing them to benefit from tourism in their country and region.

Today MEA is ready to reconcile Worldâs Apart – those who want to visit Madagascar for an informative, tailor-made and unique experience, and the local people who are the custodians of Madagascars natural wealth. MEA is a fully Malagasy-owned company and consists of a highly dedicated team of professionals that share the belief that well-applied income from tourists will contribute to the conservation of this countrys natural and cultural wealth. The MEA Team wants to offer tourists the best possible experience in Madagascar, not only in terms of where you will go and what you will see, but by taking care of all your needs and help you choose or design a trip that will make sure we see you again in our country soon.

In order to create a system where tourism can support conservation in a country where poverty is threatening to spiral out of control, its benefits to local people have to be optimized, in particular those that live near or inside protected areas.

At the same time, superb services and unique access will attract those interested in responsible tourism, which can only be had through local people that have an intimate knowledge of this amazing country.

Our vision is to bring tourism benefits directly to the ground in Madagascar, a country with unique cultural attractions and natural assets that are under severe threat.

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